How to Cancel an Async Session Bean

Asynchronous session beans are supported after EJB 3.1, which is a relatively new functionality. With Asynchronous annotation, a concept of Future<T> has also been introduced. Besides Fire-and-Forget, it added a new rule of multi-threading, Fire-and-Check. This gives users and programmers more choices when dealing with long-run procedures. Being able to cancel a method while it’s running is one of the benefits.

Here is a trunk of code represents a program calling an asynchronous method.

@Stateless (name = “demo”)
public class Caller {

    private Processor processor;

    public void call(Problem problem){
        //this gonna be a long run procedure
        Future<boolean> solved = processor.process(problem);

        ... some code...

        //this doesn’t cancel, but sends a flag to processor

        //once finished the method calling, test if it’s terminated by calling cancel
        if(solved.isCancelled()) ... do something...;

Then, see how the Processor class deals with the flag.

@Asynchronous //this annotation can be placed on either class level, or method level
public class Processor{

    @Resource //to inject context info of Caller
    private SessionContext sessionContext;

    public Future<boolean> process(Problem problem){

        ... codes to process the problem, it takes a long while...

        //test what flag being sent, true or false? retrieve from sessionContext which managed by the container
            ... do something, such as rolling back, etc...

        //AsyncResult is a convenient class implementing Future.
        //Since the generic type is boolean, a “false” or “true” can be eventually sent back wrapped within AsyncResult class.
        //Here I’m just going to send a “false” back
        return new AsyncResult<boolean> (false);

As being said, Future.cancel(true) doesn’t cancel the process by itself. It just sends back a boolean value. If there is no handling, there will be nothing happening.

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