An example of method level generic type usage

This example shows how to use generic type in a design pattern.
The following code will structure a process to separate logic code from routine tasks.

First, create an interface and an unimplemented method, which will be called in Executor class:

public interface Executable<T> { T execute(); }

Second, code the routine tasks, and insert the logic to be execute:

public class Executor {
    public <T> T process(Executable<T> e) {
        //pre execution. e.g.: start transaction
        T t = e.execute();
        //post execution. e.g.: commit transaction, close resource etc.
        return t;

Finally, call the Executor to process your task, and code the business logic:

public class Caller {
    public static void main(String args[]) {
        DeterminedType t = new Executor().process(() -> {
            //code to deal with the business logic
            return result; //the type of the result returning here will determine the type of t

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