About Me

After developing my first calculator program at 13 years old, and finding 5 divided by 3 was 1, I started my journey in programming.

Same as software development, there were bug fixing and changes in my past. I went to a business school 10 years ago and became a business consultant at early stage of my career. However, while doing an IT related case, I found myself still loves programming and started thinking of resuming my journey.

About 2 years ago, I started my new life in Canada, and I decided to go back school in order to pursue a career in IT.

I acquired a Java certificate a year ago at SAIT, and continued my education for getting a better start in my future career. So, right now, I’m a 2nd year IT student at SAIT, and working on our capstone project for SAIT Applied Research and Innovation Services (ARIS).

To know more about me and my studies, please feel free to check my blog and resume.

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